The songs that come from my mouth, the words that come from my heart, the music that comes from my guitar... may God be able to reach through them, and touch you. As I sing, for my King, may you find something you're looking for... peace in the middle of strife, hope in the middle of desperation, comfort in the middle of pain, joy in the middle of unhappiness, or compassion in the middle of loneliness. These songs are MY soul, laid bare...they have been my cries, my praises, and my prayers. Am I comfortable with sharing them?...I'm not quite sure yet (LOL) but I know that the songs He has given to me, have done great things in my life...may they, also, in yours.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you...I may just get on here sometimes, to "Ramble On" about what God's doing <3

March 9, 2011


Oh, the smell!!!
It occurred to me, this morning, (as
I was smelling the cinnamon in 
 my coffee) that smells totally ~DO~
something for me!... For all of us women, right?! I sleep in my husband's t-shirts because the smell of him is comforting :)
Each day I carefully choose which oil, or perfume, I wear based upon how I feel (or want to feel).
I sniff my babies ...
and their toes,
 the night air when I step outside,...
And we all know how a simple candle can make us feel soothed, relaxed, energized, and much much more...
... I even wrote my very first song inspired by the sweet, sweet smell of honey I was putting in my tea!
If you wanna' listen, here it is...
Okay, now, back to the moment with my coffee cup, again!!! After all the thoughts of things I enjoy smelling, a worship song came to mind..."Let our voices rise like incense, let them be as sweet perfume..." Hmmmm, I wonder... are there smells that actually ~DO~ something for God! Could I actually smell pleasing to God? " So, I head over to the computer and begin to search "aroma"  on
ya' know, I found the word "aroma" 39 times in the Old Testament! Each pertaining to sacrifices/offerings, and the aromas being pleasing (or not) to the Lord! My voice is rising like incense, a sacrifice/offering to the Lord. Imagine that!... MY VOICE a pleasing aroma to  God!...  
I wonder what it ~Does~ for Him?!

Do I see my worship as a real sacrifice/offering for Him? When I worship is it centered around me, or Him? How often do we look for some "Good Worship", in a church service, so that we will "Get something out of it" like the feeling from being in His presence. Don't get me wrong... that feeling is undeniably incomparable to any other!!!... but,  maybe from now on we should be wondering... "What is my Savior getting out of it?".  Does my worship smell as good, to God, as my coffee does to me....
Is my song as pleasing to Jesus, as the smell of lavender is to me...
"We bring the sacrifice of praise into the House of the Lord"
 "Let our voices rise like incense, let it be as sweet perfume" 
 (Hope I smell good)