The songs that come from my mouth, the words that come from my heart, the music that comes from my guitar... may God be able to reach through them, and touch you. As I sing, for my King, may you find something you're looking for... peace in the middle of strife, hope in the middle of desperation, comfort in the middle of pain, joy in the middle of unhappiness, or compassion in the middle of loneliness. These songs are MY soul, laid bare...they have been my cries, my praises, and my prayers. Am I comfortable with sharing them?...I'm not quite sure yet (LOL) but I know that the songs He has given to me, have done great things in my life...may they, also, in yours.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you...I may just get on here sometimes, to "Ramble On" about what God's doing <3

June 11, 2011

In My Father's Arms

This is my sweet, little Juniper Rose.
I walked into the living room, tonight, and saw her in her father's arms. I have to I was feeling lonely, different, sad,... I turned the corner, and  there it was...the perfect picture of rest, comfort, security, belonging, love...

Recently when I was struggling with the same sort of feelings...rejection, loneliness, like I don't fit-in, just plain sad, etc...  I know the feelings are ridiculous, and know that satan's usually trying to take advantage of my insecurities. So, I started talking to God. He painted a beautiful picture for me and I'll never let go of it...

Imagine the King of All Kings sitting on His throne...mighty, powerful, Holy, everything amazing. How could I even be worthy of smiling at Him?! Oh my gosh, there I am...being ushered in by Jesus. His hands gently nudging me across the throne room floor. I'm like an embarassed little girl . Than Jesus says it!... "Here is Your daughter. Isn't she beautiful?!" I'm not sure if I should be ashamed, or brave enough to jump at Him and get lost in His embrace forever. Jesus, His Only Son, nudges me once more with His gentle hands and it's then that I know... I am His beautiful daughter! He loves me and not the love of anyone else will ever compare to His. In His arms I find where I belong. Because of Jesus, taking me into the throne room, taking me to the Father, making me beautiful... because of Jesus I can rest peacefully in my Father's Arms.

"Thank you Father, for Your Son. Thank you for Your love, and for always being there to wrap Your arms around me. Thank you for never being too busy on Your throne High and Lifted Up; to bend down, pick me up, and let me rest in Your arms."

(God's piecing this together in a song, for me. Hoping It's finished soon, so I can post it.)