The songs that come from my mouth, the words that come from my heart, the music that comes from my guitar... may God be able to reach through them, and touch you. As I sing, for my King, may you find something you're looking for... peace in the middle of strife, hope in the middle of desperation, comfort in the middle of pain, joy in the middle of unhappiness, or compassion in the middle of loneliness. These songs are MY soul, laid bare...they have been my cries, my praises, and my prayers. Am I comfortable with sharing them?...I'm not quite sure yet (LOL) but I know that the songs He has given to me, have done great things in my life...may they, also, in yours.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you...I may just get on here sometimes, to "Ramble On" about what God's doing <3

April 28, 2011

Lately I've been thinking about what exactly makes a home, a home. Ever been to a house that's full of expensive things, but you don't seem to enjoy being there? I got to thinking...if I took a cardboard box and put lots of fancy, expensive things in it, would I enjoy it more? Take that same cardboard box and put all my special things inside of it, things I love, things that mean something to I'm going to enjoy that box!!! I'd rather be in a cardboard box with the things that matter to me, than live in a mansion without them!

The things that matter to me???...My husband, my children, my Bible, my guitar, gifts my friends and family have made me, little things that remind me of my path through this life and all of God's mercies! It may just be a rock from my "Little Man" or something someone saw and it made them "Think of me"'s the love behind things that make them matter, not the price tag.
Let me just say...I have 5 children, 2 cats (4 new kittens as of last night!), and a big dog! Okay, all that being said, our home is a little less than 800 sq. ft.!!! I mean it redefines the term ~small~. People think I'm silly and being modest when I say how little our house is...then they come visit! What never ceases to amaze me, though, is how many people love being here in the middle of my "Crammed Chaos". How do other people feel "Peace" and "Joy" in my little "Cardboard Box"?!!! Pondering that causes me to ask, what is so cozy about my LITTLE SPACE? Well, It's like that cardboard box...the one filled with lots of special things. The most special thing I've got in this box is God's love! So no matter how tiny, how loud, how messy, or how cheap our cardboard boxes are...make sure God's love is there, and light will beam from every crack, crevice, and corner! Light that gives the greatest warmth to a home!..Light that offers hope and healing from inside even a "Cardboard box"!!!
Be blessed in your home and may others be blessed there, too.

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